Why Youtube Showing Ads Without Monetization


YouTube is a widely-used video sharing platform that enables people to post, circulate, and watch videos. It also empowers channels to make money from their content by means of ads, memberships, and other money-making methods. Nonetheless, some users may have noticed that they are seeing ads on videos or channels that are not monetized. In this blog entry, we will discover the causes why this could happen and what it implies for video producers, organizations, and spectators.

Monetization Eligibility Requirements

To monetize a YouTube channel, creators must meet certain eligibility requirements set by the platform. These requirements include:

Having at least 1,000 subscribers

Having at least 4,000 hours of watch time in the last 12 months or 10 million shorts views on YouTube shorts

Complying with YouTube's terms of service and monetization policies

If a channel does not meet these requirements, it will not be able to monetize its content and will not earn any revenue from ads. However, this does not mean that ads will not be shown on the channel's videos.

Why Youtube Showing Ads Without Monetization

Why Youtube Showing Ads Without Monetization

Despite being unmonetized, a channel's videos may still contain ads. This is because YouTube allows businesses and advertisers to choose which channels their ads are shown on, as well as targeting specific audiences. 

Therefore, even if a YouTube channel is not making money from advertisements, a business can still decide to place one of its ads on the channel based on the strength of its audience fit for its product or service.

Additionally, many YouTube channels have affiliate links in their video descriptions or on their channel profile. These links allow users to purchase products or services related to the video content and earn the creator a commission. These affiliate links can also add to the revenue stream of the creator.

Business Agility and Partner Program

YouTube also offers the Partner Program, allowing businesses and content creators to develop additional business opportunities. This may involve sponsored videos, product reviews, or other materials that advertise a company's products or services.

Through partnering with companies, makers can gain supplemental income whilst giving their viewers meaningful information about items and services they might find interesting.

Multi Income Streams

YouTube also allows creators to earn revenue by promoting affiliate products in their videos. This can be a significant source of income for creators and can help them earn 6-figure incomes. This is a great way for creators to earn additional income and support their favorite creators.


In conclusion, YouTube allows ads to be shown on non-monetized channels because businesses and advertisers can target specific audiences and channels for their ads. Additionally, many YouTube channels have affiliate links in their video descriptions or on their channel profile which can add to the revenue stream of the creator.

YouTube also has a Partner Program and an Affiliate Marketing Program which allows creators to earn additional income by collaborating with businesses and promoting affiliate products.

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